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*This is the 2017 List for the 2019 list visit: www.eltiempolatino.com/powermeter-2019/

This is a unique sought-after list of the 100 most influential people for the Nation’s Capital Metro Area Latinos. The Powermeter 100 list is a testimony of the influence that these 100 powerful individuals have had in the Hispanic community and the community at large. In order to select the 100 individuals that comprise the list, El Tiempo Latino holds a nomination process open to the public. With more than 400 nominees collected, a panel of judges from the community and the paper’s editorial council selected those, whom based on their merits throughout 2016-2017 deserve to be called “one of the 100”. The Powermeter 100 list is presented in alphabetical order by last name.

This inaugural Powermeter is a case in point of how the Hispanic talent has managed to succeed in business, in academia, advocacy and politics.

The Powermeter in Washington, DC

Most people think that Washington is a city of power and for power; a boring town where the only thing that dominates conversations is politics.leer más →

Un día sombrío en Washington marcó el martes, el primer día del 115º Congreso, mientras que peatones pasan por delante del Capitolio.


A menudo, la palabra poder es vista como una mala palabra, pero el término no es ni positivo, ni negativo.leer más →

The Powermeter 2017 Committee selected the 100 people who most made an impact in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area’s Latino community.

The Powermeter: Beyond The 100 List

For the inaugural Powermeter DC edition, El Tiempo Latino launched a call for nominations in order to select 100 exceptional individuals for the Powermeter 100 list.leer más →