Washington, DC.- Police who searched the home of the Savopoulos family in Northwest Washington, where four people were killed last month, seized a wide variety of evidence that includes financial papers, furniture, food, garage door openers, clothing and credit cards, according to a court document filed Thursday.

The list of items seized provides a glimpse at some of the evidence investigators are sorting through from stately brick house on Woodland Drive where the bodies of Savvas Savopoulos, 46, his wife, Amy, 47, their 10-year-old son Philip, and their housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa, 57, were found after a fire that was set on May 14.

A police application for a search warrant unsealed in D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday said that police found a bloody baseball bat in the bedroom where three of the bodies were found. Another document outlining additional items found in the house was unsealed on Thursday.

Police said they took from the home photographs, hair fibers, shoe prints “and other forms of biological / forensic evidence.” Detectives also took personal papers and writings, financial documents, money, bedding, plastic bags, trash bags, tape, matches, lighters, buckets and several vehicles. Police said they took “all electronic devices” and weapons, though the document did not describe them. Police also seized pizza boxes, pizza, beverage containers and “materials related to surveillance systems and digital storage.”

Police have arrested one suspect, Daron Dylon Wint, 34, and charged him with first-degree murder in the killings. But police have said in court documents that they believe others helped in the scheme and killings, and authorities are taking a close look at one of Savvas Savopoulos’ assistants who delivered $40,000 to the house the morning of the fire, per instructions of his boss.

Suspect in quadruple killings captured in D.C.

View Photos Police apprehended a man they say killed a Northwest Washington businessman, found dead with his wife, son and housekeeper.

Wint has a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 22.

Police have said the fire was set with gasoline and that matches were found at the top of the stairs. All four victims had been beaten and stabbed; Philip had also been burned. Authorities said they believe the family and housekeeper were kept captive overnight and killed during or before the fire.

Police have said Wint’s DNA was found on a discarded pizza crust left in the room where the three adults were found dead. Prosecutors have said they were also seeking to compare a fingerprint found on a water bottle in the home with Wint’s fingerprints. Police also have said a boot print was found on a French door next to a broken pane of glass, indicating a possible forced entry into the home.

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