WASHINGTON- As a newcomer to the area, I really appreciate the global experience in the District, where so many cultures mesh together.

There are very vibrant neighborhoods, which highlight diversity spread over many socioeconomic surroundings. There are so many countries represented in the Latino communities in and around DC. It is such a dynamic mix in many environments because of the diverse cultures, diplomats, politics and government.

This is what makes DC so special. There is an air of importance about the city; it gets amplified when a motorcade whisked by with foreign leader or high government official.

It also feels different because of the economic power of Latinos here, particularly the number of business owners. I’ve spent a lot of time in Boston, where I also publish, El Planeta, Greater Boston’s Spanish language newspaper. The DC Latino community is larger, with more people who have laid down their roots for generations. There are Latino business owners in many sectors, such as owners of car dealerships and McDonald’s franchises. We don’t really see much of that level of business ownership in Boston.


El Tiempo Latino Publisher Shares First Impressions of DC’s Latino ‘Economic Power’

What’s clear is that Latinos have built economic power in DC, and are on course to expand it.

I’m hoping that El Tiempo Latino can play a strong role in encouraging Latino leaders to work closer together to benefit the community. There is much more that we can do, particularly when it comes to civic participation and responsibility. Consider that Latinos comprise 26% of Silver Spring, Maryland; 24% of Gaithersburg, Maryland; 17% of Prince George’s County, Maryland; 16.4% of Fairfax County, Virginia; 16.1% of Alexandria, Virginia; and 15.7% of Arlington County, Virginia. Regardless of whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, registering and voting gives more clout. This is just one area where by working together Latino leaders can make a positive impact by encouraging people to register.

Meanwhile, El Tiempo Latino is providing readers, both in our weekly print edition and our digital outlets that update 24/7, with the most comprehensive news available to Latino audiences. In fact, El Tiempo Latino is the only news outlet in the country that translates President Trump’s tweets from his twitter account into Spanish, so that Latinos can stay updated with the latest domestic and international developments. Check #DijoTrump.

El Tiempo Latino takes its role very seriously as the informer for the community, especially with a new administration that has dramatically reduced the amount of information that the government provides in Spanish language. The Trump tweets have been a very popular feature on our website, regardless of whether readers are pro or anti Trump. While the weekly printed edition focuses on the DC Latino community, the website takes a global approach, providing in Spanish the most important news around the world each day.

We are also looking to engage the community, as well as civic, political and business leaders, by hosting our first Powermeter 100 event in DC on June 26. We are asking the area to nominate the people most influential in DC Latino communities, regardless of their race or ethnicity, to be on the inaugural DC Powermeter 100. It is an opportunity for people of all races to come together and honor those who are making an impact in our communities. The DC Powermeter 100 event will be held at the Washington Post Live Center, 1301 K. Street, NW, Washington, DC.

We have held this event in Boston for the past 11 years and honored a wide range of civic, political and community leaders including Boston Archbishop Sean O’Malley; Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warner and Ed Markey; and retired Red Sox star David Ortiz. Nominations can be made by going to:

We are proud to thus far have Macy’s, BB&T, Copa Airlines, and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation as sponsors.

It’s interesting that President Trump has been nominated more than once to the Powermeter 100. It demonstrates that there are a wide variety of opinions in the Latino community. With our publications and events, such as the Powermeter 100, El Tiempo Latino will serve the entire community, touching all points along the political spectrum.

It’s our job to inform.

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